About us

We are a group of enthusiastic people who are devoted to learning more about digital photography, share a common interest and our experience ranges from amateurs through to experienced and professional workers.

Anyone and everyone with an interest in photography is welcome to come and have some fun while gaining knowledge and skills related to all aspects of photography.

We are affiliated to the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA).

The aim of this photography club is to give photographers the opportunity to share ideas and discuss their mutual interest in photography in a social atmosphere and to improve their photography.

Visitors are welcome to attend a few meetings to see how the club operates and to meet like-minded people.

Advancement Meetings

We meet on the third Wednesday of every month from January to November at St Mungo’s Church, Cnr Grosvenor Road and William Nicol Drive, Bryanston.  The evening starts at 19h15 and finishes at 21h30.  At these meetings we normally start with a short presentation by a visiting judge or one of the senior workers of their photographs.  This is followed by our print section where the judge awards points to each print.  The rest of the evening is taken up by projecting images on a big screen of all our various works, right from the starting categories to the advanced categories where the judges award points for each photograph and gives his/her valuable comments on each photograph. This is an excellent learning experience for all photographers whether they are at a beginner or advanced stage. There is a short break between the beginner and advanced categories for everyone to have some tea, coffee and biscuits. This is a great opportunity to socialise and to meet new people that share similar interests.

Whatever Meetings

Most months we have a learning evening on the first Wednesday of the month also starting at 19h15 and finishing at 21h30.  There are judges and sometimes experts in their field who come in and give talks on various topics, show their photographs as well as giving tips and tricks. We also have a judge that critiques our Set Subject Category for the month and will then choose a winner. We have a different set-subject each month where photographers submit two photographs for judging.

Sometimes these evenings could also consist of presentations and/or workshops.  This is a very good time to meet and get to know the other club members as well as share ideas.

These meetings focus on varied topics like monochrome conversions, Photoshop, sport, macro, food photography, night photography etc.

If you need information regarding any of the club activities, please send an e-mail to the membership team at sandtonphotographicsociety@gmail.com and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find it informative.